My first blog.

Pathway to plot 6a
Plot 6a greenhouse
Plot 6a

Hello and welcome to my blog.

After months of should I or should I not, I decided to go ahead and apply for a allotment. Two minute of form filling and the ball was rolling, and yesterday I received an email to offer me a choice of five vacant plots.

Today my mum,2 aunt’s and myself went to view the first plot and I instantly fell in love with it and the community. Within 5 minutes we were on a lovely gentleman’s plot eating mange tout and sampling his lettuce, we came away with a bag full of goodies and a warm feeling in our hearts.

We then went to the next allotment site to view the other 4 plots, all situated on the same site and we were met by Mr Grumpy Pants. This site didn’t have the warmth that I hoped for and I knew immediately that I had to follow my heart and get to the council office to accept the first plot I viewed before someone else did. We drove straight down to the council office and much to my delight she old me that I was the first to apply for the plot so it was mine. I signed and paid for my little slice of heaven and skipped away so happy and content.

I’m writing a blog as a way of a diary for myself and for any of you who are interested in my journey.

Thanks for reading x


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