Planting the seed in my head

Hello and welcome

I didn’t introduce myself on my first blog because I was so excited. My name is Sarah, I’m 36 and I lie in County Durham.

I have to admit I’ve never been green fingered but my nana always had me interested in gardening from a young age. I stayed with my nan a fair bit as a child and I have wonderful memories of spending hours helping weed, water and pottering on in her garden. She was always knocking on the window telling me to stop eating from the strawberry patch because they weren’t red yet. But my favorite memory is getting up early on a morning to the patio table laid with breakfast delights and sitting there watching the sun wake the flowers up, the birds singing and thinking how truly happy I was right there in that precious moment that will stay with me forever.

As we all know we become adults and life gets very busy. The simple little things in life get pushed to the side and once we become content in our lives then those simple things creep back. My son turns 16 this year and doesn’t rely on me much now and where does that leave me? It leaves me thinking about filling that huge mammy gap by combining the things that I am interested in like, the outdoors, cooking and as of last year, gardening. After weeks of thinking I decided to make my nana proud, take a chance and give this my all.

So that’s a little snippet of me. Sad to say I’m going on holiday next week so I can’t start on my plot until the week after, but I’m a spring chicken and I have plenty of time to build my fruit and vegetable empire.

Thanks for reading xmeg2meg1meg


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