The art of list making

Hello and welcome

So we are back from our little road trip and I’m so eager to get down to my allotment but I have to wait until next Saturday when I have got all my gang together so we can all muscle in and hopefully make a small dent in the jungle that has become my plot.

This weekend I’m going to write many lists for my plans on the allotment, also a little fact about me; I’m a compulsive list maker (and proud). Once I have written my many lists I will draw a plan of how I want m shed and plot to look. I will then draw up the application form for permission to erect my shed.

Like most women I want everything doing there and then but I’m doing really well in controlling myself when it comes to my allotment. I’m trying not to think to far ahead and focus on each task as it comes.My plans for this year are to clear the plot of weeds, erect and paint the shed, build the raised beds, form a path and invest in a greenhouse.

I don’t plan on growing anything this year, I’m just getting my plot ready for the spring so I can hopefully concentrate on growing lots next year. Fingers crossed the hard work I put in this year will pay off next year and it will be a little bit more relaxed.

I did get a little carried away this week imagining myself sitting with a cu of coffee, in the sunshine looking at my allotment in full bloom. I invested in a few things while I was on my little trip, which included plenty of allotment books and I couldn’t resist the gorgeous Beatrix Potter tins and books for my shed. But that’s it now, no more buyinglittle bits until my plot is sorted (she says).

Thanks for reading x20150711_13042120150711_130404


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