Crazy bug lady

Hello and welcome

Yesterday I was flicking through the many books I’ve purchased to guide me in growing my empire, I stopped to pick up my phone and have a long discussion about bugs with my aunt. You see I have a phobia of insects (entomophobia) and if a bee or butterfly comes near me I turn into a screaming ninja. My previous neighbors must of thought I was mad, an hour of gardening became me jumping or running around making involuntary noises the whole time. My fear is that bad that if I make spaghetti for tea I have to make sure the plates and pans are free of said spaghetti before I wash up, I have been known to get in a panic if a strand of spaghetti touches my hand in the soapy water because it feels like a worm. Frogs are my biggest fear, I have even locked my son out of the house because he had hold of a frog, but in my defense he was putting it up against the window saying it was going to get me.

So you are probably sat thinking why on earth is she wanting to start an allotment if she fears every insect known to man? Well I’m the kind of person who tries to face my fears and step out of my comfort zone. Only last month I became a blood donor, the thought of a needle sticking out of my vein went through me but I reasoned with myself, took the step and donated for the first time and I will donate again and again now.

As they say it’s mind over matter and I’m going to face this fear head on, I know it will take a lot longer but if I can get to a stage where I’m not jumping around like a loon then I will be very proud and happy with myself. I will more than likely be the talk of the allotments if I don’t get this fear under control. They will be saying “here comes crazy bug lady” and laughing at my strange bug dance.

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