Mission possible

Hello and welcome

Today was finally the day that we started our mission to clear the weeds and junk from my plot. I woke up to the sun shining and a mean wind, which I knew would be a great relief as the day went on. I was awake early so I was raring to go by 8am much to my son’s delight, so I coaxed him out of his room with the smell of bacon cooking and a huge cup of tea at the ready. I patiently waited and loaded the picnic basket with goodies and gathered my tools. On our way to the allotment we picked up aunt C and a spare fork and headed for the allotment full of excitement.

Our first plan of action was to start with clearing the mangled up greenhouse and glass before my niece and nephew turned up. We tried the nice approach but the greenhouse wasn’t budging so we went all crazy on that thing and within no time it was no more. Just as we had finished demolishing the greenhouse the rest of the crew turned up so we had a break and got another plan together. My mam, aunt C, aunt K and myself started tackling the tall weeds, the two teens were on wheelbarrow duty and the two tiny tots were loving every minute of being there and believing that they were helping.

We carried for a few more hours then stopped for a well deserved lunch, chatted with the lovely people that came to tend their plots and came back to us bearing gifts of peas and a rusty saw to cut the branches that were hanging over my plot. I got chatting to a lovely man and I bought myself a greenhouse and the wood for my raised beds as he is giving up his allotment at the end of the summer.

A few more hours of digging, weeding and get stung by nettles, our bodies were telling us “no more” so we laid on the grass and admired our hard work with a cold cup of tea and a total sense of achievement.

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