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Yesterday my mam got an email to say she had been offered plot 12 on the same site as my allotment. The day I signed for plot 6a my mam put her name down for an allotment after all the excitement of looking at the four plots I had been offered. The gentleman that I am buying the greenhouse and raised beds off is giving his plot up, and after a long chat with my mam and discovering that in his younger days he was a close friend of my granddad, he has decided he wants my mam to take over his allotment. He went to the council office yesterday and within a few hours my mam was offered the plot.

Tomorrow myself and aunt C are going to plot 6a to cut back the bushes and tie back the overgrown honeysuckle (nan’s favorite) that is growing through the fence and I can hopefully train it to grow across the large metal fence so it looks pretty for next year. We are going to clear the rest of the weeds where my shed and nature corner are going to be and hopefully everything will be ready for a gentleman on the site to rotovate the soil possibly next week.

Things are coming to a bit of a standstill for the next two weeks due to work commitments, I can only spend snippets of time on plot 6a but then it’s all systems go again and shed day will be fast approaching. My next step is to level the ground and move the paving slabs from where the greenhouse was up to the other end ready for the base for the shed and patio area.

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