The Patience of Saint

Hello and welcome

Sorry I haven’t updated my blog in some time but everything came to a massive standstill on plot 6a. I have been busy helping my mum and aunt K on their allotment while my uncle, who is laying both of my patio’s recovered from an unforeseen operation.

I have moved my shed into my mams garage until the patio’s are laid and I put my raised beds in place, and so far I have weeded and laid down membrane on four of my beds and will continue to make steady progress with those.

My plans once both patio’s are laid are to get the shed built and painted then move the greenhouse over from my mams allotment. hopefully work will start within the next week or so and everything will be up and ready for the spring.

It can get very disheartening when you have all the energy to get cracking with the allotment but there is nothing you can do until things are in place but on the plus side I have totally enjoyed helping my mam and aunt K. All I ever say at the minute is “this time next year” and that image I have of my allotment in my head is keeping me from losing heart with this project.

Thanks for reading x20150923_15052020150919_152512


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