Plotting & Planning


Just a quick update on my blog.

I’m picking my mam up in the morning to go down to the local council office to pay our first full years allotment fee. We are then going to don our wellies and venture down to our allotments to see what damage the high winds and wet weather have caused. My aunt popped down Christmas eve to pick her sprouts and I asked how my plot looked, “a bloody mess” were her exact words and it filled me with dread, my poor neglected plot.

After checking out the damage we are then going to go back to my mams to have lunch and go through all of our allotment books together and plan our plots for this year. Like I said in my last blog I need to have a good think about my nature corner and froggy swimming pool.

Here’s to a productive day plotting and planning. One thing I know is that we are both excited and ready to begin our first full year.

Thanks for reading x20150714_112245-1


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