The big clean up


Madness set in today and the cold weather and rain didn’t stop me from getting up and going to my mams allotment to start the big clean up on my greenhouse. My mam and aunt K joined me, because their greenhouse had become moldy green mess from the dead tomato plants left in there over the winter; note to self, do not leave plants to rot in my greenhouse.

Bags packed with essentials we plodged through the soggy wet pathway with our goods in the communal wheelbarrow, excited to start our first job of the year. I didn’t envy the cleaning my mum and aunt K had to tackle but four wheelbarrows later the jobs was done. Mine on the other hand wasn’t as dirty but it did take two hours to clean, time flies when your having fun as they say and I have to say it was very satisfying getting stuck in.

After our clean up we heated our soup to warm our tummies as we discussed our plans for our next visit.

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