All ready for the shed


Today I went to plot 6a with aunt K and big T (he’s a family friend) to get the last row of paving slabs laid ready for my shed to be built and finally settled into it’s new home.

This became something of a comedy sketch, with me walking around with half a ton of claggy mud stuck to each wellie and slipping around as if I were on a ski slope. Aunt K decided to walk backwards with the wheelbarrow and fall straight into one of my raised beds shouting “please don’t plant me” and had us all in stitches. But we did eventually get the last row in and all ready for shed day.

I also took the soil form the patio area and filled two of my raised beds, which will be where I plant my potatoes when the time comes. I feel like things are moving along nicely now, even though I still have so much to do, and I do keep saying this, but I really can’t wait to get started and have my first full year as an allotmenteer.

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