All hail the shed


The day finally came and my shed is up and standing proud.

Aunt K and big T had a free day toady so they offered to build my shed. Unfortunately I had to work so in between clients I dashed up to plot 6a to meet them and helped to move the shed panels from my mam/aunt K’s plot to the patio on my plot. I showed them both where I wanted the shed to sit then had to dash off to work again.

I came back a little while later and was able to assist holding the panels while big T did the drill work. It was all coming together very nicely, but yet again I had to dash off to work.

When I returned the structure was almost complete, just the two roof panels to put on and the window to put in. That didn’t take us long at all then we tackled the roof felt. Now we call big T that for a reason, because he is so tall and is built to tackle said roof felt with ease and in no time at all the roof was complete.

The next step was to put the trim on the edges and the door lock was put in place. We stood back and for a few minutes we all just stared at the shed and admired it.

Thanks for reading x20160210_11121020160210_11122320160210_140956



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