Whatever the weather


Today my mam, aunt K and I spent 6 hours on our plots. Now I have to say that nearly every time I say I’m going to spend some quality time on plot 6a the dreaded weather spoils it, well today was no different but I was determined to not let the rain get the better of me. I must say it was cold and miserable but I got loads done; Me 1 v Weather 0.

My shed is finally painted and has a pretty new floor. The next few things on the agenda for the shed are to put the shelves up, put the hooks for my tools up, I have two small units to take up to the plot, a small gas stove, curtains to make, take all my bits and bobs up and lastly a little welcome mat then I can finally cook and relax on plot 6a.

I only managed to clear one bed of weeds today as the ground was far too wet and really didn’t want to part with the weeds and grass.

I made a start on my nature corner today. I put a bird box on the side of my shed, fingers crossed some little bird wants a new home. The honeysuckle that is growing along the fence and behind my shed has lots of leaves on now so the bees will be enjoying that very soon and it also makes the nature corner look very pretty.

I also dug a hole for my pond and raked the area ready to get started. Now I’m debating whether to get a pond liner or use the yellow plastic pond that was on my plot when I got it. Anyway whichever I decide I’m sure it will still look nice once I put the stones around it and get the Sarah Raven wildflower seeds sown and the plants in.

Finally after weeks of planning and thinking I have decided to have a change around with the layout on plot 6a to make way for a walk in fruit cage. Then again this idea could change about ten times in the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading x



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