April shower’s


Well April is definitely the month for rain, rain and even more rain!!

Twice my two tonnes of top soil that was scheduled for delivery has been postponed now because of unforeseen circumstances and the rain. I was originally getting it delivered on Saturday but the machine broke down so that was a no go, so we rescheduled for Tuesday but I woke up to the pitter patter of rain on my bedroom window and it was set in for the day. I now have it on standby for next Tuesday; whether permitting again, if not then next weekend. I will have my soil very soon.

As I’m typing this my bubble bath is running and I have mince and dumplings on the go. I’m cold to the bone and in need of warmth and comfort food because I’ve spent the past three hours in the wind, rain and cold on plot 6a putting my cane support frames together ready for my munchkin pumpkins, mange tout, pea pods and borlotti beans. I came away feeling very cold but satisfied that I finally got it done. The structures are not straight by any means and look a little untidy but that only makes me love them more.

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