New plans


For the past few weeks I have debated over where to put my fruit cage, well today I finally made my mind up and I’ve decided to keep it where I originally thought of placing it (typical woman). My strawberry bed is permanent and opposite that bed was going to be a permanent herb bed but the raised beds are 8ft x 3ft and can a family of three really eat that many herbs??

My new plan is to turn the herb bed into a permanent bed for asparagus and two globe artichokes. I built two more small raised beds a few weeks ago, those were going to be three salad beds but I’m going to use one of those for my herbs now. I’m sure this plan will change again but for now I’m excited about my new plans and growing asparagus.

Also a few weeks ago I broke loads of slabs up to make a crazy paving pathway but that plan has also changed and instead I’m doing two long rows with the broken pieces and using gravel in between as a pathway. The broken slabs will form as a divide between the bark and the gravel. The gaps in the slabs will be filled with ground covering plants to add a bit of color and to make it look very pretty.

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