A fruitful day


One of the best feelings is pulling up to the allotment, opening the car boot and slipping my feet into my mucky wellies and leisurely walking in the spring sunshine to plot 6a as I  admire all the other plots.

I actually managed to spend seven hours on plot 6a today after all the rain we’ve had over the past few weeks. Firstly I checked on my seedlings in my greenhouse on my mams and aunt K’s allotment and everything is coming on lovely.I took Three of my aubergine plants with me from home and I’m testing those out in the greenhouse, if the cold gets them then I have six more plants on standby at home.

I moved one of the raised beds a few weeks ago and the soil where it was originally placed had been covered over the winter so it’s weed free and marked out ready for my fruit cage.Today I measured the area and mirrored it next to the weed free soil and weeded that area, so now the fruit cage area is double the size. As I was weeding I soaked my fruit canes in a bucket of water and I’m so happy to say I’ve finally planted my first ever thing on plot 6a. Two raspberry, two gooseberry, two blackberry and my bargain 20p blackcurrant are all settled in their new home.

I also weeded all ten raised beds and the three smaller raised beds, now it’s all ready for the top soil on Tuesday. We have a little table at the allotment site and if you have any plants you don’t want then you just leave them there which is a fab idea, and to my delight someone had left two trays of strawberry plants. I had twenty four strawberry plants and I spent half the day yesterday searching the shops for another six plants but was unsuccessful, so whoever left these today, thank you. So I managed to get all thirty plants in the ground today. Next plan is to make a cage to stop the birds from gobbling my strawberries.

A very productive day and I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere.

Thanks for reading x20160417_11470420160417_10450520160417_10061120160417_10065120160417_140408


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