Soil Glorious Soil


Finally today was the day for my top soil delivery and after postponing it three times due to the weather, I woke up this morning to the sun blaring through my bedroom curtains.

My hubby and I had a quick breakfast and headed up to the allotment where we were meeting aunt K and aunt C, not sure if I’ve mentioned before but they’re twins, also born on Halloween (witches really) anyhow back to what I was saying.

We rounded up our spades and wheelbarrows then headed to the entrance just in time for the delivery. Once the soil was tipped we all got stuck in excited, full of energy and ready to go. This feeling was short lived after shifting over two tonnes with the sun belting down on us so we stopped for a little break.We were a man down by the second half and the last three wheelbarrow loads were filled with the three of us kneeling on the ground, scooping it up with our hands and trying to give it our all.

We rested for a while, had fish&chips and got our second wind. I managed to get my potatoes planted, one row of Cara, one row of Nicola and two rows of Majestic. I also planted my brown and red onions but I’m not holding out much hope for those, they looked ever so sorry for themselves. I even managed to put eight of my fence posts in, a little wonky may I add but I’m not too concerned about that because I’m only having a chicken wire fence to match the rest of them.

I have to say my body is really starting to feel all this work it has done and I also burnt my face and neck today, sunburn in April is a first for me. Tomorrow I’m going to my plot to attach the chicken wire, put two more posts in where the gate will go, sow two rows of carrots between the onions and hopefully make a start on my path if my aching body will allow me.

Thanks for reading x20160419_10232320160419_10233520160419_14514220160419_15134120160419_145202


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