You win some, you lose some


As you are all aware we are having some very crazy weather lately. One minute it’s warm and sunny the next it’s snowing and we are waking up to heavy frosts in my area.

This month I transferred my seedlings from home to the greenhouse and those plants were beginning to thrive even more in the greenhouse, until the dreaded frost came and I’m afraid to say it wiped out my aubergine plants.

When my aubergine plants got a little too big for their pots I transferred them to bigger pots, apart from three which I left in the smaller pots, these were going to be used for a trial run in the greenhouse to see how those got on. Out of all of the aubergines, the three trial plants are still fine and the six bigger plants perished overnight.

Already I have learned so much, like I need to be more patient when it comes to my seeds and I’m definitely starting everything off in the greenhouse next year. All the seeds I have sown in the greenhouse are so strong and healthy.

The things I’ve sown directly into the ground are slowly coming up, my potatoes are starting to popup, the strawberry plants are increasing in size, two of my salad beds are sowing signs of life and some of my onions have perked up, but I may replant some more because I don’t think all are going to make it.

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