Calling all wildlife


Today I decided to make a start on my pond and wildlife corner and after six hours it’s complete.

After weeks of changing my mind I finally settled on a plan for the area. At first it was going to be filled with a mixture of wild flowers and a little pond tucked in the middle of the wilderness, but I didn’t want it to look too messy with half of it ending up covered in weeds.

This morning I started by digging around the pond to make it a little bigger. I then laid the underlay with no problems, but as I started to lay the liner the wind decided to make it’s presence known and I ended up a hole fighting a 10ft x 10ft pond liner and not winning.

Round two and a few strategically placed stones and I had it done in no time at all. I attached my hose and sat beside the pond watching it fill up as I sipped away on my coffee, that’s when a huge bird decided to poop straight into the water and ruin my little moment.

Pond full of water, I began to place the slabs I had broken up weeks before around the pond as well as some small mossy stones that I got from the woods at the back of the allotment. I also got three good sized branches to place around the area. One of them was perfect as a entrance and exit to the pond, mind you it’s that old it floats a bit but it will do the job perfectly.

I bought six good sized perennial plants for the area and put them in the ground, a lavender that I purchased a few weeks ago has also been planted and a visit to the local nursery is on the cards to buy some smaller plants to fill the corner up. I hung my bee hotel and placed a toad house all ready for my guests to arrive.

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