Re-potting and day dreaming


My mam and I ventured down to our allotments today, despite the high winds, cold chill and drizzle it was still worth it just to get those little jobs done that we keep putting off.

Firstly I made a start on the greenhouse, even though I planted a lot out on Saturday I still feel I have lots left in the greenhouse. I re-potted peppers, aubergines, munchkin pumpkins, purple sprouting broccoli, kale, swiss chard and much to my delight the artichokes I started form seed have come through are were big enough to go into larger pots. The asparagus still needs a little longer but I’m so pleased with them.

I then headed to my plot to make a start on clearing my shed, but before i did anything I fired up the stove, filled the kettle and for the first time since becoming the proud owner of plot 6a I sat in silence and waited patiently for my whistle kettle to burst into life and provide me with my first ever cuppa. I sat there in a day dream, sipping my coffee and watched a snippet of a day in the life on plot 6a.

Day dreaming over. A few weeks ago I salvaged some wood from an old allet that had been put on the wood pile and with a few inches sawn off each plank I had made myself some free shelves. Today I put six brackets up and screwed the wood to them, ta da I now have three rustic looking shelves finally in place.

I had a good tidy up and sorted out the shed before heading home for lunch and work shortly. I picked some wild garlic yesterday so I’m making a wild garlic frittata for tea. I’m going to start searching for a second hand stove for the shed so I can start cooking on plot 6a.

Thanks for reading x20160601_11180920160601_11183520160601_11215320160601_11445220160601_11510620160601_120206


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