My first harvest


Well today has been a very exciting day on plot 6a, my first ever harvest.

Yesterday we took the patio table, chairs and all my bits and bobs for the shed up to the allotment ready for me to sort out today. After yet another lazy morning in the garden having breakfast and soaking up my surroundings I eventually got myself ready, prepared my lunch and headed to the allotment with my mam in tow.

First thing I did was pop the kettle on the stove. While I waited for the sound of the whistle kettle that would take me straight back to my childhood of camping trips, I swept the patio and arranged the table and chairs ready to sit with a coffee and admire the hard work that has been put into plot 6a.

After sitting for a while a making a mental note of what I intended to do today I made a start on my shed. A few weeks ago I fitted some shelves above my stove area to eventually house the bits and bobs I’d accumulated over the past year. Today those items finally took pride of place on my battered old wooden shelves. I then screwed a piece of wood to the inside of the shed and put four metal hooks along to hang my tools, I was sick of tripping over them and it looked untidy.

My next job was to take a picture of everything on my plot a hundred times haha, please tell me I’m not the only loon to do this on every visit?? I spent around a hour weeding all the raised beds. I have sown a new row of spinach and two rows of icicle radishes in the salad beds.

And finally the most exciting part, I couldn’t resist pulling up a potato plant to have a sneaky peek at what is going on under ground and to my delight I have potatoes. It took me back to being a child, digging my little hands into the soil and pulling out these gorgeous potatoes.

I then picked some salad leaves and had a wonder down to my mams/aunts plot to harvest my courgette. As I’m typing this my courgette is sliced up and roasting away in the oven and my potatoes are bubbling away in the pan ready for tea. I can’t wait to eat my first harvested meal.

Thanks for reading x20160622_11454320160622_11552920160622_143849


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