Happy Birthday Plot 6a


A year ago today I signed the papers to become the proud owner of plot 6a, and what a year it has been.

At the moment everything is springing into life and it’s such an exciting time. I check on my greenhouse and plot daily, the changes I see in my plants within a day are amazing and I don’t think I will ever tire of admiring each and every plant.

The harvests are coming every few days now and the taste of your own homegrown vegetables is like nothing I’ve ever tasted, so fresh and satisfying. I’m also really proud that I have proven to myself that I can actually grow my own produce which is a great feeling itself.

I still have so much to do but the changes from a year ago are brilliant and I don’t want to rush to get it finished in a strange way. Each job I do I try to take my time thinking about it and planning it properly so I get it right the first time and don’t have to redo it again.

Thanks for reading x






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