Harvest’s galore


So this month just keeps on giving. I’ve had so many harvests this past few weeks and there is still more to come, not that I’m complaining. I must read up on how to store certain produce and I need to get some good recipes for the different vegetables just so nothing goes to waste.

My courgettes have been growing in abundance, my salad beds just keep on giving and the potatoes are never ending. I’ve bought a sack for the potatoes because we can only eat so many so these will store nicely and see us for weeks to come.

My pea pods are still growing but not many make it home because they’re just so sweet and tasty, the perfect little snack while I’m busy away. My mange tout are a little disappointing to be honest and I’m not sure if I will grow them next year.

The onion and carrot bed is going strong. I planted the onions as instructed but I could’ve got another onion between each one because the space is pretty big; note for next year.

The strawberry plants are doing ok but not as many strawberries as I would of hoped for but maybe that’s just me being greedy!!

I look forward to seeing what harvests I get next month, including my munchkin pumpkins.

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