New year, new blog.

Hello and welcome to my new blog site.

Here I am stepping into a brand new year in the allotment world and my second full growing year as the proud owner of plot 6a. What a year it has been and the transformation on my plot has been amazing. I’ve learned so much from my first full year, firstly, I’m very impatient and secondly I can actually grow vegetables successfully. I still have so much more to learn though, but this excites me no end.

Last year went by so quickly, it doesn’t seem that long ago since I was sowing my first seeds (far too early) which was exciting in itself, but seeing those seeds grow into healthy, strong plants that yielded vegetables in abundance was just amazing.

Today my mam, aunt K and myself decided we would go and give our plots a bit of a tidy up. I cleaned my shed of the dead spiders and strangely a huge live wasp, luckily it wasn’t flying around just crawling. After the shed I cleared my pond of leaves and weeded around the nature area. The patio area was full of leaves which I burnt on my fire pit, now my original plan was to mulch the leaves but my layout of plot 6a is going to change a little so for now that plan can wait.

I still have lots of jobs to do this year, including getting my shed into order, bringing my greenhouse over, building my fruit cage, planning my flower patch, put my fence and gate up on the front of the plot and deciding if I should move my pond from the nature corner because of the amount of leaves that fall into it. The pond is becoming a smelly mess and this isn’t going to attract any wildlife at all.

While I was at the allotment today I cooked a bacon & swiss chard stew in my shed. Another plan for this year is to do recipes for the seasonal fruit and vegetables that I will be growing on plot 6a and putting the recipes on my blog site. I’m also in the process of researching foraging free food in my local area and I plan on turning these wild foods into tasty meals and drinks.

Now for the time being I will be planning what to grow for 2017 and getting the allotment tidy and in order ready for the spring. I will not be sowing any seeds until then!!

Thanks for reading x




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