And “Sow” it begins.

It’s that exciting time of the year again, seed sowing season.

I started a lot of my seeds off in January last year, only because l was so excited for my first year and because like most woman l’m impatient!! Well lesson well and truly learnt.

I decided to wait until March to even think about sowing my first seeds and that’s exactly what l did today. I haven’t sown any vegetables today just flowers. I plan on having a flower patch this year on plot 6a as well as turning my small garden at home into a cottage style garden.

I’ve also purchased a Cherry Tree for my garden which gave me a good idea for my allotment. Where my greenhouse was originally going to be placed, it has now been overshadowed by my thoughtless neighbours huge shed. So l’ve decided it’s best to leave the greenhouse on my mam’s and aunt’s plot and plant myself a nice fruit tree in that area instead. I just need to decide now what type of fruit to grow.

In the next week or two l will be sowing a lot of my seeds in the greenhouse and l’ll be getting my beds ready for the warmer weather. Also last year l started asparagus off by seed, which started off well but l lost them so l decided to buy the crowns this year and give those a go.

I still have so many plans for plot 6a which change all the time but that just adds to the excitement.

Thanks for reading x


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