Sowing Season.


Over the past few weeks l’ve been buying everything l need ready for the sowing season and l’ve been so patient holding back from sowing my seeds too early this year. Well today l finally got my hands dirty and l’ve sown plenty of seeds to get me started.

Last year l just grew the basics as l still had loads to do on plot 6a and l didn’t want too much going on at once. I still have plenty to do on my allotment but apart from building the fruit cage the rest of the jobs are pretty easy to tackle.

I’m going to grow a lot of different varieties of fruit, herbs, vegetables and flowers this year. All my beds will be full and the flowers will give plot 6a lots of colour. I will have so much more time to concentrate on the growing side this year and learning so much more.

Today l’ve sown:

Tomatoes; Moneymaker,Plum Roma & Marmande.

Peppers; California Wonder & Traffic light mix.

Patty pan; Sunburst.

Cucumber; Marketmore.

Aubergines; Black Beauty & Long Purple.

Kale; Nero di Toscana.

Sprouts; Evesham Special.

Beetroot; Detroit 2 & Cylindra.

Leeks; Lyon 2 ( prizetaker ).

Parsnips; Tender & True.

Cauliflower; All year round.

I decided to start all my seedlings off in the greenhouse this year and my flower seeds will be sown in my mam and aunt’s greenhouse as the one on their allotment isn’t going to be used and l really don’t have space to grow vegetables and flowers in one greenhouse.

In the next week or two l will be sowing more seeds and weeding my beds ready to transplant the plants in the next few months.

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One thought on “Sowing Season.

  1. We haven’t started out outdoor sowing yet. But, like you, have made a start with a few aubergines and tomatoes in the greenhouse, where we are also trying a few herbs and a blue-skinned pumpkin! Exciting, isn’t it!


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