April Fool’s

Yes l was well and truly fooled by the weather today!!

I woke up this morning to gorgeous sunshine and blue skies, which then turned into heavy rain and hail. I had my day planned and l was really looking forward to a full day on plot 6a and getting all the jobs ticked off my list of things to do.

I only managed to weed 3 raised beds, sort my strawberry bed out and burn some leaves before l ventured down to my mam’s and aunt K’s allotment for lunch. As we were having lunch it turned cold and dark so l nipped back to plot 6a and the heaven’s well and truly opened up. I sat in my shed for ages but it continued to rain heavy. I had no choice but to pack up and head to my greenhouse to sow more seeds.

Today l have sown all my herbs, cherry tomatoes, mixed beetroot, courgettes and chillies. I will sow some more seeds tomorrow and on Tuesday l’m hoping to get my beds weeded so l can get my potatoes, asparagus, artichokes and onions in the ground and direct sow my salad beds.

I’m so disappointed that l didn’t get the chance to get all my jobs done today and write a longer blog but l will get them done soon enough.

Thanks for reading x


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