Seedlings, Supports & Squashes.


The growing season is well under way now and my greenhouse is full of little seedlings just itching to move on to pastures new.

I started all my seeds off in the greenhouse this year and l have to say the germination rate was very slow indeed. Either l started them off too early or it was too cold, probably a mixture of the both to be fair. Well anyhow they got there in the end, if not a little smaller than normal. My bigger seedlings have now gone into the ground but l’m holding back on planting out the smaller one’s just to give those a fighting chance in the big wide world.

I spent all weekend weeding, tidying and building my bamboo supports ready for my peas, mange tout, borlotti beans and the ever so gorgeous munchkin pumpkins. Oh and l’m growing 5 pickling cucumber plants which l’ve built a special little support just for those at the end of 1 of my raised beds.

This year l’ve sown a variety of squashes. I’ve planted round courgettes, butternut squash, patty pans, pumpkins and giant pumpkins as well as some ornamental gourds and all of those are now sitting pride of place in their new home.

The final phase of completing my allotment has now begun!! A blog and picture’s will follow once the work is completed but for now l will busy myself planning the rest of this final phase, because as you well know l change my mind all the time but that’s the fun of owning an allotment.

Thanks for reading

Sarah x





One thought on “Seedlings, Supports & Squashes.

  1. Spent last night potting out squash, sweetcorn, cucumber and climbing beans at the allotment. Feels like abandonment leaving them up at the allotment but it’s time they got their roots into some proper earth. Good luck with your squashes – I was restrained this year and went for just 2 (only on a 10m/10m plot)


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