Starbucks, saving one squash at a time.


I posted this picture on Instagram of a squash that I’d planted out and some used coffee grounds that I’d picked up from Starbucks spread around said squash. This picture had a good response and a number of people commented saying they had no idea about this little tip and thanks for sharing.

Well that gave me an idea and voilà I now have an articles section where I will share these great tips with anyone who is interested. I love it when you come across something in an article, decide to give it a go and it actually works.

So last year when I read about coffee grounds being used to deter slugs I thought I would try it for myself. Now the one thing I wanted to grow more than anything was munchkin pumpkins, I nurtured those little seedlings until the time came to plant them outside. I have to say I felt nervous that the slugs would gobble them up in no time so I popped into Starbucks and grabbed myself a free bag of used coffee grounds and spread that baby all around my precious munchkin pumpkins. The results for me were amazing, not a single nibble on any of the 10 plants I’d popped in the ground.

Used coffee grounds can be sourced from local coffee shops. Starbucks tend to put theirs in a basket near the counter with a sign saying free coffee grounds, if you don’t see this in any of the store then simple ask. I popped in a few months ago and they were more than willing to empty the machines, just bear in mind if it’s busy this may not always be possible for them. Thanks Starbucks staff 🙂

Starbucks started its Grounds for Your Garden program in 1995. Even the packaging has been reused – baristas scoop spent coffee grounds into the empty bags originally used to ship espresso beans to store.

Not only does the coffee grounds deter the pesky slugs but they can add essential minerals to your soil. The coffee grounds in this form will have a near neutral pH of 6.5 and will not affect the acid levels of your soil. You can also add them in compost bins, worm bins, to feed plants, can be use as a mulch and you can mix it with egg shells to help nourish roses. I’m sure there are lots of useful things you can do with coffee grounds but my main use is to deter slugs and snails.

Thank you for reading

Sarah x